Financial Services

Three Rivers Hospital Billing Offices Temporary Move

Beginning January 2nd 2018 the Billing Offices for Three Rivers Hospital will be moving to:
411 Hospital Way, Suite 101
Brewster, WA 98812

Our new offices are located on the lower level of the Eagle Rock Physical Therapy building next door to the Hospital, and signs will be posted directing people to the new offices. We apologize for any disruption the change in location of the Billing Offices may create.

Three Rivers Hospital will submit the medical services bill for your procedure directly to your insurance company as the first step towards helping get your bill paid quickly. After your insurance has paid the portion they have agreed to cover, an account statement will be mailed to you only if there is a remaining balance.

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NOTE: Please be aware there may be services you receive which will be billed separately from the initial billing statement.

Our hospital organizes patient admissions into two categories:

Elective Admission
Elective admissions are for scheduled procedures that could be performed at a relatively convenient time.

  • If you have insurance, please be prepared to pay your co-pay at the time of service.
  • If you do not have insurance, our financial counselor or clinic and patient access manager must meet with you before your scheduled admit date to discuss payment arrangements for your procedure.

Emergency Admission
Emergency admissions are not scheduled. An emergency procedure is performed to stabilize or restore a patient to health as quickly and safely as possible. Our hospital will provide emergency treatment to all patients, regardless of inability to pay.

  • If you have insurance, your co-payment amount will be due after you have discharged from the hospital.
  • If you do not have insurance, our financial counselor or clinic and patient access manager will contact you for assistance in determining what benefits you may be eligible to access.

Three Rivers Hospital policy is to admit and treat all persons without regard to race, color, sex, handicap, national origin, or religious creed. Admission requirements and assignments of hospital facilities are the same for all persons. There are no distinctions in eligibility for receiving any patient care services. Hospital facilities are available to all patients and visitors. Individuals and organizations having occasion to refer patients for admission or recommend Three Rivers Hospital are advised to do so within the hospital’s policy to provide quality health care to all persons.

Financial Assistance Program
In 1989, Washington state passed a law which prohibits any hospital from denying access to emergency care based on a patient’s inability to pay. Three Rivers Hospital assumes its share of Financial Assistance responsibility to meet the needs of patients who do not have insurance, or do not have enough financial resources, to pay for needed medical attention. Financial assistance is only available after other financial resources have been used. Financial assistance will be granted regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age, marital status, national origin, or the presence of any sensory, medical or physical handicap, provided the patient meets the eligibility criteria. Financial assistance applications are available upon request by contacting our Financial Counselor by calling 509.645.3365 or send an email.

Hours & Contact Info

Monday through Friday
Hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Phone: 509.645.3360


If you are one of the millions of Americans who do not have health insurance and would like some help sifting through the health care options available, you are welcome to contact:

Financial Counselor
509.689.2517  Ext. 3365


Premera Blue Cross

Washington Medicaid

Workmans Compensation
Indian Health
Healthy Options

(Examples – Auto, Aetna, Asuris Northwest)

Patient Financial Services Director

Note for Self-Pay Patients
Three Rivers Hospital has brought self-pay accounts in-house. Our statements have a new look, but our service has improved.  Please contact Wanda at our business office at 509-645-3360″>509 -645-3360  if you have any questions.

Patient Account Timeline


  • Payment arrangements
  • Service  (In emergency situations, service is performed before payment or payment arrangements)
  • Billing
  • Insurance payment, if applicable
  • Account paid or payments
  • Current or delinquent
  • Paid in full

Patient accounts that have not received payment within 90 days move into “past due” or delinquent status. After an account becomes delinquent, a final notice is mailed to the patient requiring the account to be brought to current status within 10 days; or, f the account is not brought current, the remaining balance will become immediately due and must be paid in full. If no response is received before the 10 days have passed, the account is referred to a collection agency.