Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Mission

To be a trusted community partner providing excellence in health care.

Our Vision

To lead the innovation of safe and respectful patient care with a compassionate culture supported by our dedicated, professional health care team.

Our Values

Accountability: Taking ownership for all we do

Commitment: Dedication to patients, community, staff, and job

Can-Do Attitude: Confident and resourceful approach

Economics: Responsible with our resources

Humor: Open-minded, humble approach to our environment

Integrity: Doing what is right even when it is hard

Teamwork: Working together for success

Three Rivers Hospital’s vision, mission, and values statements were developed by a select group of employees in 2015, which went on to be adopted by the Administration and Board of Commissioners.

These statements provide a clear sense of direction and purpose for our organization, guiding decision-making and strategic planning. They help align the efforts of all employees, fostering a unified culture and shared goals.

Our team recites these statements at the start of every meeting, and we remind ourselves of them daily to be sure that everything we do is for the benefit of our patients and communities.