Bond Proposal for a New Hospital

A draft overhead view of the proposed Three Rivers campus with a new hospital, expanded parking, and the existing Hillcrest House building. Rendering provided by architect David Franklund. Click the image to enlarge.

After 75 years of service, Three Rivers Hospital is seeking a voter-approved bond to replace our aging facility.

We have invested considerable time and money over the years to maintain our community-owned hospital, but now we have the opportunity to invest in our district’s future health care needs.

Why do we need a new hospital?
  1. A 2022 study determined that renovating would not be possible due to cost and the limitations of the existing building.
  2. Our infrastructure is well past the end of its useful life, and manufacturers no longer make parts for some of it. For example, our electrical system cannot keep up with 21st century healthcare technology.
  3. While we have made the best possible use of the space we have, we want to keep up with the growth happening in our area.
What would a new hospital provide?

Among other things, a new building would offer:

  • Continued 24/7 emergency care, in a modern environment.
  • State-of-the-art laboratory and imaging.
  • Expanded surgical services that give you more of what you need right here in our community.
  • Family practice and specialty services in a comfortable clinic setting.
  • The ability to eventually grow service lines by having a modern building that is more appealing to providers and other skilled healthcare workers.
Where would the new hospital be located?
  • Our proposal is to build on the current site of Three Rivers Hospital, at 507 Hospital Way. To accomplish this, the project is planned in two phases:
    1. Phase I: Located where the oldest part of the building is, where patient care is no longer provided.
    2. Phase II: Where the current single-floor hospital and patient care departments are located.
  • By building on our current site, our goal is to leverage our funds in a way that allows us to put patient care needs first.
How would a new hospital be funded?
  • Our Board of Commissioners approved a bond proposition for the November 7, 2023 general election. You can read the proposition language below.
  • The proposed bond is for $72 million, to be paid over 30 years.
  • The cost breakdown is $1.39 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The average home value in our hospital district is $180,000. To get the estimated tax amount, multiply 1.39 by 180. That equals about $250.20 per year, or $21 per month.
  • Our team is researching other funding options, such as grants.
  • If you are an older resident in retirement, or if you are disabled and on a fixed income, you may be eligible for exemption from this property tax if it passes. For more information, click here to read a brochure from the state Department of Revenue: BROCHURE
  • Three Rivers Hospital offers a discount for property owners in our district: If you seek care at our hospital or clinic, you may receive a discount off your bill up to the amount you pay to us in taxes each year. For more information about this, please contact our Billing Department at (509) 645-3360.
When would Three Rivers build a new hospital?
  • If the bond is approved in November, we would begin the design phase in the second half of 2024.
  • Construction may not begin until 2025, and both phases would take about two years to complete. Phase II would closely follow Phase I.
What would a new hospital look like?

Here are some draft renderings from Theorem Architecture. Click each image to enlarge.


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CEO Scott Graham on KOMW’s Healthline program, Sept. 13, 2023. Click the audio player below to listen.

CEO Scott Graham on KOZI Radio, Aug. 14, 2023. Click the audio player below to listen.

Bond Proposition for November 7, 2023 Ballot




(Three Rivers Hospital)


The Commission of Public Hospital District No. 1, Okanogan and Douglas Counties, Washington, adopted Resolution No. 2023-03 concerning a proposition for the construction of a new hospital and related health care facilities.  If approved, this proposition would authorize the District to construct, equip and furnish a new hospital and carry out other capital improvements deemed necessary or advisable by the Commission; issue no more than $72,000,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 30  years; and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, all as provided in Resolution No. 2023-03.  Should this proposition be:

  • Approved
  • Rejected

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2022 Architectural and Engineering Study (available only in English)

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