Bond Proposal for a New Hospital

After 75 years of service, Three Rivers Hospital is considering a voter-approved bond to replace our aging facility. We have invested considerable time and money over the years to maintain our community-owned hospital, and now we have the opportunity to invest in our district’s future health care needs.

Update: April 2024

In March, the Board of Commissioners authorized Administration to move forward on a new scope of work proposed by Theorem Architecture. Dave Franklund is working with our team on a new building design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a new hospital?
  1. A 2022 study determined that renovating would not be possible due to cost and the limitations of the existing building.
  2. Our infrastructure is well past the end of its useful life, and manufacturers no longer make parts for some of it. For example, our electrical system cannot keep up with 21st century healthcare technology.
  3. While we have made the best possible use of the space we have, we want to keep up with the growth happening in our area.
What would a new hospital provide?

Among other things, a new building would offer:

  • Continued 24/7 emergency care, in a modern environment.
  • Continued state-of-the-art laboratory and imaging.
  • A more thoughtful approach to the size and layout of Acute Care, keeping in mind that healthcare in America is now focusing more on outpatient and preventive services.
How would a new hospital be funded?
  • The Board of Commissioners is considering a new bond proposition, but an amount has not yet been determined.
  • Our team continues to research other funding opportunities, such as grants, but none would be able to cover the entire cost of a new medical facility.

If you are an older resident in retirement, or if you are disabled and on a fixed income, you may be eligible for exemption from this property tax if it passes. For more information, click here to read a brochure from the state Department of Revenue: BROCHURE

Three Rivers Hospital offers a discount for property owners in our district: If you seek care at our hospital or clinic, you may receive a discount off your bill up to the amount you pay to us in taxes each year. For more information about this, please contact our Billing Department at (509) 645-3360.

When would Three Rivers build a new hospital?

More to come soon!

Meetings Calendar

Stay tuned! Our team plans to begin attending and hosting meetings as soon as we have more solid information about a new proposal to share.

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