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Radiology Services

At Three Rivers Hospital, we offer a wide variety of diagnostic imaging modalities (see below). We also have the ability to send and receive studies for patients whose provider practices at another facility. This allows you to have the study done close to home, and your provider to have the results when you arrive at your next appointment. This means less travel for the patient and less stress about potential outcomes, and providers love the efficient electronic access to patient information.

  • High Definition 32-Slice CT
  • MRI
  • Digital Fluoroscopy (X-ray), including a portable X-ray for patient comfort in Acute Care or the Emergency Room
  • Ultrasound (Echocardiogram, Vascular, Arterial, Cardiac, as well as Labor and Delivery)
  • Image Guided Needle Procedures (Pain Relief and Biopsy)
  • 3D Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, and Diagnostic Exams with rapid results.

Diagnostic imaging has come a long way and is sure to keep climbing as technology improves.

In 2015, we upgraded to a 32-slice CT, which acquires more images in less time, and at considerably lower radiation dosage to the patient. This leads to better image quality and better diagnoses while improving patient comfort and safety.

In 2019, we remodeled our x-ray room and installed new equipment

that’s top of the line and takes up less space, so it’s easier to wheel patients in and out of the room. We’ve also added a portable X-ray unit, which our techs take to patients in the Emergency Room or in Acute Care, and a C-arm for digital imaging during surgeries. In 2021, we upgraded our ultrasound equipment.

Also in 2021, Three Rivers received a $50,000 grant to purchase a brand-new Siemens 3D mammography machine. This equipment provides gentler mammograms with less radiation and more detailed, accurate imaging for quicker diagnosis. Radiologists with Virtual Radiologic read our patients’ diagnostic exams (offered by provider referral) and are able to deliver swift results in our private consultation room.

Sonographer Nancy DeFord, who is also our per diem Mammography Tech, gets ready to use our new ultrasound machine.

In February 2022, we added echocardiograms to our list of services with the hire of Sonographer Melanie Tolen, who boasts 17 years of research, studies and experience in her field. An echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves to produce live images of your heart in motion. It is a painless test where the patient lays on a bed and a licensed and trained sonographer uses gel and a camera/probe to slide over the chest area to obtain real time images. The test is approximately an hour long and involves a thorough detailed study of all the heart structures and anatomy.  With an echocardiogram, the sonographer and cardiologist can evaluate for numerous pathologies, from leaky valve or stenotic narrowed valves (murmurs) to degree of thickening of the heart muscle (hypertrophy) from chronic elevated blood pressure.


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