Emergency and Trauma Services


Three Rivers Hospital Emergency Room Doctors Help Transfer a Critical Cardiac Patient

Our Emergency Department offers 24 hour service for anyone requesting medical care that is Emergent, Urgent, or Non-urgent.  We are proud to also offer Level IV Trauma and Emergent Cardiac Care. Patients with multi-system trauma injuries, complicated head injuries, burns, and cardiac events requiring a higher level of care, are transferred.

Depending on conditions, the patient may be:

  • Treated and discharged with follow-up instructions
  • Admitted to acute care for further treatment and evaluation
  • Stabilized and transferred to another facility



24 Hour 7 Days a Week
Phone: 509.689.2517 ext 3105 for non-urgent assistance

What is an Emergency?
An emergency is defined as a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

What is Trauma?
Washington state defines trauma as a major, single or multi-system injury, requiring immediate medical or surgical intervention or treatment to prevent death or permanent disability.

Washington state Department of Health Trauma Prevention Focus List

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